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Winter Collection Speakers

From Winter to Spring 2020 Collection

Thumbnail OTR3 Gerald Coates [100x141]

28th November 2019 - OTR-3 with Gerald Coates

Thumbnail OTR3 David Hilborn [100x141]

24th October 2019 - OTR-2 with David Hilborn

Thumbnail OTR2019 [100x141]


Thumbnail Ian Kirby [141x100]

27th June 2019 - Dr. Ian Kirby

Thumbnail THE TURNING 2019 [141x100]

13th/19th June 2019 - THE TURNING
Bournemouth | Christchurch

Thumbnail A5 Flyer Doug Barnett [141x100]

30th May 2019 - with Doug Barnett

Thumbnail Flyer iWORSHIP Youth Event [144x102].jpg

24th May 2019 - iWORSHIP Youth Event

Jimmy Dale Flyer Thumbnail [141x100]

28th ~ 29th March 2019 - Jimmy Dale (March Triple Event)

Thumbnail Tim Heaton [141x100]

28th February 2019 - Tim Heaton (Africa Inland Mission)

Tim Miller Thumbnail

31st January 2019 - Revd. Tim Miller

Thumbnail Steve Brady

29th November OTR Meeting with Steve Brady

Thumbnail Roy Crowne

25th October 2018 with Roy Crowne

Thumbnail ON THE ROAD 2018 [141x100]

ON THE ROAD Autumn Series 2018

26th July 2018 - with Simon Guillebaud

31st May 2018 - with Nick Crawley

26th & 27th April 2018 ~ Richard Sanderson

29th March 2018 ~ Colin Bennett

22nd February 2018 ~ Carl Brettle

25th January 2018 ~ with Sim Dendy

30th November 2017 ~ Jo Fothergill ON THE ROAD at St John's Church Poole

26th October 2017 - Andy Economides ON THE ROAD at Twynham Church.

9th October 2017 - Prayer Ministry Training Evening @ Iford Baptist Church.

29th June 2017 - Korean Prayer Mission Special Celebration Event.

25th May 2017 with EA's Director General Steve Clifford

27th April 2017 with Roy Crowne

30th March 2017 with Gail Dixon

23rd February 2017 with Namjin Kim and Revd. Dr. Sang-Sub Yoo

26th January 2017 with Jon Morgans

Tuesday 6th December 2016

24th November 2016 with Dr. Jonathan Oloyede (NDOP)

27th October 2016 with Richard Fothergill


Premier of Wessex Filling Station - Inaugural Meeting
29th September 2016 with Nick Crawley