Wessex HOPE 2018 Banner

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Working together with Roy Crowne and the HOPE team in Rugby we have designed a HOPE banner to reflect what God is doing here across Christchurch | Bournemouth and Poole.

As we go through HOPE 2018 ~ a year of mission; wouldn't it be lovely if every church across the 3 areas joined with 1000's of churches across the country and displayed a HOPE 2018 banner reflecting our unity in Christ.

  1. The Banner reflects this work of unity with the sub-title of "inspiring Unity across the community" under the updated HOPE 2018 logo.
  2. There is also a layered text stating: CHRISTCHURCH | BOURNEMOUTH | POOLE in soft tones. This line can be amended to reflect your area i.e Churches Together in Wimborne... add your request to the notes area in your order.
  3. There is also the URL address to the HOPE tabbed page on the Wessex Filling Station website which is full of articles and further links both local and national.

Banner Detail and Specs

The banner itself can be seen in the composite header image at the top and bottom of this page. It is 1800 mm x 750 mm (just under 6' x 2.5') and is printed in high quality 4 colour UV resistant weather proof inks on 500 gsm PVC banner grade tarpaulin. It has reinforced edges with 12 mm eyelets at the corners and around the edges to secure it. It is tear-proof, scratch-resistant and highly tensile. It is also carries the European Flame Retardant B1 certification It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Itemised specification:

  • Size: 1800 mm x 750 mm (just under 6' x 2.5')
  • Material: 500 gsm PVC tarpaulin
  • Material Strength: tear-proof, scratch-resistant, highly tensile
  • Inks: CMYK eco-ink
  • Resistance: UV resistant | weather proof | Fire Retardant European B1 certification.
  • Suitability: Indoor or Outdoor use.
  • Additional Embellishments: Reinforced edges, 12 mm eyelets at corners & at 50 cm internals. pack of white cable ties to secure banner.


  • The cost of a single Wessex HOPE 2018 banner is £29.99 (plus p&p)
    • larger quantities ordered together will bring down the itemised costs.
    • postage and packaging:
      • each banner will be delivered rolled in a cardboard tube which avoids creasing.
      • a pack of white cable ties is included which can be used to secure the banner in position.
      • the charge for postage & packaging (single banner) is £4:96

How to Order:

Please fill out the form below noting the name of the Church or the Organisation the banner is for, plus the address details for delivery.

  • Notation:
    • Please note any special requests in the notes box. This can include amendment to the AREA line as mentioned above if it is for multiple churches in your area. i.e. CHURCHES TOGEHER IN WIMBORNE
    • Once the order has been submitted you will receive an e-mail confirmation from us.
    • After this you will receive notification when the order will be delivered. Invoicing will be via ICT Media Tech.

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