HOPE Together

HOPE a Year of Mission

HOPE Together is the name of the Christian organisation behind Hope'08, HOPE 2014 and HOPE 2018. It is a catalyst that brings churches together to transform their communities and is simply called 'HOPE'. The goal is to see individuals and communities in villages, towns and cities throughout the UK transformed by Jesus’ love.

The HOPE main offices are based in Rugby.

8A Market Place
CV21 3DU

t: 01788 542782
e: office@hopetogether.org.uk
w: hopetogether.org.uk

In a Nutshell:

HOPE models what mission could look like. It works with Christians of all ages, ethnicities, worship styles, genders and theological perspectives. This lines up with Jesus’ prayer that his followers would be ‘brought to complete unity’ so that the world will know about God and his love for humanity (John 17:23).

Roy Crowne

How it came to be:

The dream of HOPE began in 2006 when 3 friends Roy Crowne, Mike Pilavachi and Andy Hawthorne asked themselves a question: -

"What would it be like if churches all over the country worked together, serving their communities, sharing faith in word and action? The whole Church reaching the whole nation through a whole year of mission."

You can read the story here: What is HOPE 2018?

A Rhythm of Mission:

HOPE Rhythm of Mission Roundel [300x300].png

HOPE focuses on key mission moments in the UK calendar which creates a rhythm of mission each year where churches can reach out into their communities. These are the moments throughout each year that we are all familiar with - Lent, Easter, Harvest Festival, Remembrance Day and Christmas. Plus of course those long hot hazy days of summer with all the promise of community fun days and fetes - something everyone can relate too. Those special moments are also days when people think deeply of life and some go to their local churches. (read more...)

Groups of local churches are encouraged to use this rhythm of mission in ways that are appropriate for their area to bless their local community, living out God’s love, making Jesus known in words and action, and doing it all in unity with other Christians.

More Information:

Read more now on the HOPE Website here: hopetogether.org.uk