Iford Baptist Church, Bournemouth

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Iford Baptist Church (IBC) is located on the border between Bournemouth and Christchurch. The church is close to the mouth of the old bridge over the the River Stour in the village of Iford. The old bridge used to be the main road between Christchurch and Bournemouth.

Iford has a long association with Wessex Filling Station, from the outset team member Derek Upshall, who sadly passed away in 2018, was a key to the establishment and workings of Wessex. The Church became our main place of rehearsals and practices and we also used the facilities for Prayer Ministry Training.

Church Address:

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Iford Baptist Church
Old Bridge Road


There is parking for four cars only outside the church and therefore parking should be found along the road by the river. Please park respectfully and thoughtfully and under no circumstances should cars be parked in the private Home Park estate directly opposite the church entrance. Thank you.


Church Summary:

Iford Baptist began originally as a plant in the mid 1930's from Roseberry Park Baptist Church, Boscombe, and became known over the years as the old tin tabernacle. In 1996 after a bold vision of growth for the future, a £250,000 contemporary church was built. The new church hosts excellent facilities for all ages and including a multi-use church, a small hall and kitchen, prayer rooms and a baptistery. The sanctuary can seat up to a hundred worshippers and boasts a PA and lighting rig!Iford Baptist Church Logo Button Image [120x120].png This facility has been used to hold concerts and youth events which saw many young people come to the church for united times of monthly worship.

Even though much has changed in Iford, IBC remains a vital part of the community being the central information point for the Iford Bridge Home Park. The church also offers emergency accommodation to mobile home owners on Home Park at times of flooding.

Because of its location and excellent resources Iford Baptist Church is the perfect location for Wessex Filling Station prayer meetings, training sessions and worship team technical rehearsals.