Christchurch Christian Centre

Christchurch Christian Centre Button Image [200x200]Christchurch Christian Centre (Formerly: Millhams Street Elim Church), is an Elim Pentecostal church situated in the very heart of Christchurch in Millhams Street just off the High Street.

The church was the Christchurch Hub for the 2019 TURNING mission that took place across the BCP conurbation in association with Wessex Filling Station, Moorlands College and Baptist Minister (and BU President elect for 2020) Yinka Oyekan and The Turning Team.

Church Address:

Christchurch Christian CentreChristchurch Christian Centre Spire Button Image [120x120]
Millhams Street
BH23 1DN




Exclamation Mark Button Image [75x75]The nearest car park to the church is the Saxon Square car park which has 258 spaces and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! It is possible to park near to the church - which you can see from the top level, and either enter through the rear church doors (if opened and manned) or walk around to the main church entrance.

Parking can also be found in the other main car parks in Christchurch.

Church Summary.

Christchurch Congregational Church Pre Elim BW [120x120]The church in Millhams Street was built in the 1600's; and the present church was built in 1867 with a lofty spire which can be seen above the rooftops of the High Street, and a lovely internal church sanctuary with pretty balcony. The Christchurch Historical Society has an article about the 1901 Congregational Church as it was then, worth reading. The church, both then and now, can seat approximately 350 when full.

The church was purchased by Elim in 1998 from the United Reformed Church, and with the buildings in poor physical condition had the mammoth task of restoration ahead of them. Much work has been done upgrading the Grade II listed buildings and bringing them into the 21st century, including tending lovingly to its stained glass windows, high spire and clock, as well as restoration of the original stonework.

Christchurch Christian Centre Sanctuary Button Image [120x120]The church now is a warm and welcoming environment with great facilities and lively contemporary worship led by their worship team. Pastor Revd. Dave Sharpe is the present incumbent and says that he "and the leaders have a God-given purpose to be disciples who make disciples: to be proclaiming the gospel, be facilitators of God's healing, be undergoing transformation of themselves, and to be building up others to do just the same".