Lansdowne Church, Woodbury Avenue

Lansdowne Church Button Image [200x200]Christians have been worshipping together as Lansdowne Church Bournemouth for over 130 years. The name and times might have changed, and the old church in Bournemouth may have gone - soon to be replaced with a £3 million multi-purpose facility - but during the building project the congregation meets in various locations across the Bournemouth conurbation each week.

Wessex Filling Station will be meeting at Lansdowne Church, Woodbury Avenue (the former Strouden Park Chapel site by Castlepoint). The Lansdowne congregation fill this venue to capacity twice on a Sunday morning and meet again on a Sunday evening. During the week the church is also filled with activities covering a broad range of ages and interests.

Address Details:

Lansdowne Church Woodbury Ave Road View Button Image [250x150]Lansdowne Church Woodbury Avenue
Woodbury Avenue



There is a small car park at the church but parking is limited. Therefore this will be used for disabled parking, for Blue Badge holders and people who have difficulties walking. Team members are encouraged to drop off their equipment and then park in Castlepoint Shopping Park. Use the lower level car park (right hand side) parking near B&Q there is a walkway through to Woodbury Ave. As there is rolling car park upgrade works taking place at the moment it may be that you have to park on the 1st (upper) level . There are steps down to Woodbury Avenue and the church is a 3 minute short walk away.

Public Transport:

The Church has good public transport links as it is so close to Castlepoint Shopping Park. Buses 2a and 2b (except Sundays) stop in Woodbury Avenue a short walk from the church and near the stairway to the upper level car park mentioned above.