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This will be the first of the new ON THE ROAD series of meetings for the autumn of 2018. Three conference class speakers ~ 3 local churches ~ One Heart of Worship! Tonight Baptist minister Yinka Oyekan: Senior Leader and pastor of The Gate, Reading, will be our keynote speaker.

Lansdowne Church Woodbury Ave.

Yinka will be sharing at Lansdowne Church Woodbury Avenue, about what happened to The Gate church (formerly Reading Community Church) when on a two week mission with evangelist Tommie Zeto, aimed at taking the church out onto the streets of Reading to meet ordinary people where they were, God turned up! After 10 days 720 people had prayed with the team on the streets and people across the country started talking about this extraordinary outpouring in Reading calling it 'The Reading Revival' .

The church decided to extend the mission and within a month over 1,850 prayed a prayer with the team to accept Christ but, more staggering, was the openness of people on the streets to hear about God and to accept prayers as well as the sheer number of ‘regular’ Christians being equipped to do what, previously, only evangelists had done and to do so with confidence and boldness... (read more... Who is Yinka Oyekan?)

The Revival becomes The Turning:

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Yinka will also be sharing about how that time of outpouring turned into THE TURNING - which to seeing churches all over the UK, Europe and across America seeking to take their churches out onto the streets! This is also seeing Yinka much in demand and a much sought after keynote speaker. The TURNING has led to a planned MISSION ENGLAND which will see churches uniting all over the UK in 2019 - area by area and county by county - to work together on the streets of their neighbourhood. In London there are plans to have nearly 70 simultaneous missions across every London Borough.

Praise and Worship!

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Tonight worship will be lead by Jotham Watson one of the Worship leaders at Twynham Church. Jotham recently spent a year apprenticeship at Soul Survivor majoring on Worship. Jotham will be leading the Wessex Worship Team with Lansdowne's Alison Wood on Keys.

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Tomorrow Yinka will be speaking at a special Wessex Leaders Lunch at St Mary's Church Ferndown where he will be sharing about how The Turning came to be and the vision for next years MISSION ENGLAND. It is hoped that their Dorset Mission will be held in Bournemouth in June 2019.

It should be an interesting meeting...

We look forward to welcoming you there as you come and join us.

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More Information:

Date & Time:

  • *7:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm
  • *Doors open at 7:00 pm with free refreshments

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Please Note:

Free entry is on a first come first served basis.
This is a FREE - NOT a ticketed event.


Lansdowne Church Woodbury Ave

The Venue will be Lansdowne Church Woodbury Avenue, Bournemouth (Castlepoint). There will be a Hearing Loop for the Hard of Hearing, BSL Signers will also sign during the meeting. There is seating for 270 people. First come first served basis.

Doors open at 7:00 pm with free refreshments.


Lansdowne Church Woodbury Ave
Woodbury Avenue

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