United Youth Meeting Review:

Richard Sanderson iWorship18 Button Image [250x250] What a great evening it was at Twynham Church Christchurch!

Youth Groups coming together from local church which bridged to borders of Christchurch, Bournemouth and the New Forest - all coming together for worship, inter-group fellowship and to hear about life on the streets of Colombia for many children.

The evening began with a crazy work-out to a monkey dance crazed video led by Twynham's Charlie Du Puy and the team of Youth Leaders who faced-up the event - they even had Bransgore's youth leader Andi Norton dressed up as Chewbacca! Then there was a short sharp interview with Richard Sanderson by Wessex Filling Station director Brian Edgeley, which delved into Richard's life in Colombia and the type of breakfast typical in Bogota! That question brought many a groan as the crowd heard about starting the day with a bowlful of cheese melted into hot chocolate! Yuk!

Then worship leader Jotham Watson, who has recently completed a years internship focusing on worship with Soul Survivor Watford, led the band - and the crowd - in worship and adoration excellently. The worship was 40 minutes of dynamic, loud and intimate youth praise full of high energy and passion. Breath-taking! Refreshing! Wonderful!

Richard Sanderson

Life in Bogota - Bringing Hope for Tomorrow!

This led to Richard sharing about his life rescuing young lives from the streets of Bogota and giving them a hope for tomorrow. However, he also told personal stories of kids who had lived as beggars on the streets with no hope of a future life, coming into the foundation he had set up with his wife, Jeanene, and then growing to find faith in Jesus and a new hope for the future - then deciding to go back out on the streets with Richard and other for medical missions and evangelism too.

His stories where easy on the ear for all ages and told of youngsters released from the chains of poverty, begging and even death, to a life restored where they were empowered to go out an minister to others in faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. These young teenagers see people both young and old responding to the call of salvation, the prayer of healing and of personal restoration.

All-in-all it was a great evening

Richard spoke to Brian and his fellow director, Andy Selby, afterwards and encouraged them in the work of this new youth network. He also offered them the opportunity to take some of the youth leaders and their elder teenagers out to Bogota to help out on mission and go on a music and worship tour leading some worship concerts across Bogota in 2019. Lets take it one step at a time and see what happens there er...


The original events blurb is below for posterity.

Mission Heartedness:
Rescuing Lives on the Streets in Colombia

Richard Sanderson Tee Shirt Button Image [250x250]

As part of his nationwide tour evangelist Richard Sanderson visits Christchurch for a very special United Youth Event.

Organised in association with a network of local youth leaders across the area by Wessex Filling Station; Richard, who is director of 'New Hope for Children (UK)' and 'Children's Vision International Inc.' (CVII) will speak passionately about rescuing young lives on the streets of Bogota - Colombia's notorious capital city. (who is Richard Sanderson?)

Richard, an ex British Gas employee from Sheffield, has spent the last 16 years working as a missionary with poor street children in Bogota. Together with his wife Jeanene, they help provide hunger relief, humanitarian aid and 24-hour medical care, 365 days a year! Together, they network with other healthcare providers to help provide medical attention, vaccines, dental care, optometry (eyes), nutrition etc. They also carry out Medical Missions with the Colombian Navy and Air Force. Throughout all this they ooze Jesus and share His love through natural evangelism.

United Youth Event

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The event will see young people coming together from the churches of the New Forest, Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole. Twynham Church is in the perfect location for this event with ease of access from both directions and good parking across the street (see notes below on 3 hour maximum parking times).

Bogota City Columbia

Nationwide Tour:

Richard is passionate about his work, and as part of the South coast leg of his UK nationwide tour, he will share his personal experiences and passion for God plus his love for the unloved street children of Bogota city. He writes:

"I am really looking forward to being able to share at the Wessex Filling Station meetings about the incredible power and love of God which is at work in Colombia! I am going to speak with a special focus on a heart and mind for mission."

Richard will also be speaking the previous night at The Village Hotel Bournemouth where he will inspire those present with his passion and vision.

We hope to see you there.

More Information:

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Date & Time:

  • Friday 27th APRIL 2018 @ *7:00 pm ~ 9:30 pm
  • *Doors open at 6:30 pm with free refreshments | Doors close at 10.00 pm
Please Note:

This is a FREE event; NOT a ticketed event. This will NOT be a seated event but a standing youth event! Seating will be available for those who require it. Twynham church has a small overflow. Free entry is on a first come first served basis.

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Twynham Church
99 Barrack Road
BH23 2AL


The church boasts a medium sized car park to front and side. However ample parking can be found opposite the church on the Christchurch Retail Park, Bailey Street, Christchurch, BH23 2BN (see map below). If you park to the right of the large car park in front of Homebase/Barrack Road there is only a short walk across the road to the church.

Please Note:

ANPR Parking Signage Homebase CarparkThe Homebase car park is monitored by AMPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) by Highview Parking London. We called this company and inquired after the use of the car park for church events at Twynham Church and were told that "there is a 3 hour limit to car park usage so as long as someone doesn't park there cars longer than the 3 hour limit, usage of the car park is fine."

Please be aware that if you go over the 3 hour limit parking fines will be applied by post from London. There is nothing we can do about this as it is beyond our remit and control.