A Short Review:

Colin spoke at our Maundy Thursday United service during Easter 2018.

We must admit that we thought the meeting was going to be partially full as so many people had told us that they were away or had a meeting at their own church that night. However, how blessed and surprised we were when over 100 people turned up - many for the first time, to hear Colin speak and for the experience of spending time worshipping with other Christians from the area.

Living Transparent Lives

Colin was really relaxed as he spoke and shared his heart for unity within the local churches, and the need for Christians to be real and transparent with their faith with friends, family and the local community around.

As he shared about his own experience in life, from his difficult upbringing and his journey to faith, to the joys of love found and his gift of being able to empower a new generation of Christian leaders in his work at Moorlands College - the truth of living a transparent Christian life became entwined with his own testimony.

Body Ministry

As he brought the meeting to a close with a great encouragement for people to be Jesus to their communities, their circle of friends and neighbours; many responded for prayer and to chat about their own experiences and needs. Many sat and chatted and prayed with the people in the seats next to them - some who they had only met that night - this is called body ministry!

This was truly a wonderful way of ending a meeting and people were still praying for each other and chatting long after the worship team had left and the host team cleared away the PA and wiring!

Truly a great and inspiring evening - this is what Wessex Filling Station is about.

Below is the original events publicity for posterity:

Celebrating Easter together

Reaching out to your Community

Colin Bennett Button Image [250x250]Wessex Filling Station gives opportunity to the local churches of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole to come together in unity once a month for worship and teaching from a conference class speaker. Our Keynote speaker for March is Colin Bennett: Director of Training for the Community and Family Studies Course at Moorlands College. He is also the Vice-Principal of Development and works closely with many Christian organisations including both LEAF and BayLink locally.

Our theme for 2018 is mission both at home and abroad; and this month we look at how we might reach out into our own communities and bring out the best in them - bring out the Kingdom in them! [read more]

Bring out the Kingdom...

During 2017 Colin, who is fondly known for his collection of bright waistcoats, met with The Message London and London City Mission (LCM) to design a new course aimed at bringing out Kingdom values within communities. The six-week course has been designed to equip those who have a heart to share Christ’s love with their community do it even better. It will be led by experienced trainers from Moorlands, The Message Trust, LCM and Christian Concern. Topics covered will include:

  • positioning the Church at the centre of community work and evangelism
  • evaluating your own community’s resilience in light of the Gospel
  • and engaging and evangelising with relevance.

Bring out the Kingdom in YOUR Community Booklet

Colin writes: "Wow! The Bring Out the Kingdom in YOUR community course is now running - with 26 people on it - hosted by LCM at Tower Bridge." Moorlands has already received a request for the course to be run at its Christchurch campus in January 2019. [read more]

Colin Bennett Teaching Button Image [120x120]

We look forward to welcoming you there as you come and join us.

More Information:

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Read the article 'Who is Colin Bennett?' here:

Date & Time:

  • DATE: 29th March 2018 *7:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm
  • *Doors open at 7:00 pm with free refreshments

Please Note:

Free Button Image 120x120 pixelsThis is a FREE event - NOT a ticketed event. Free entry on a first come first served basis.

The Village Hotel ‘Inspiration Suite’ Auditorium seats 200 with overflow for 50+ standing in the Inspiration Bar directly adjacent to the main suite. This is a another great opportunity for the church to come together in unity and lift high the name of Jesus.

This is a another great opportunity for the church to come together in unity.


The Village Hotel Bournemouth (Littledown)

The Venue will be the The Village Hotel Inspiration Suite: Bournemouth (Littledown). This is a Wheelchair Friendly Hotel with a Hearing Loop for the Hard of Hearing, BSL Signers will also sign during the meeting:

There to seating for 200 people plus an overflow of 50+. First come first served basis.

Doors open at 7:00 pm with free refreshments.


The Village Hotel
Wessex Fields,
Deansleigh Road

There is a dedicated Venue Page found here.