Called, Commissioned and Sent

Andy Economides Smiling Button Image [250x250]Our second 'ON THE ROAD in Christchurch' meeting was another wonderful time of unity, worship and teaching.

As we met at Twynham Church (TC) in Barrack Road, people started arriving really early so the church coffee team went to work and started serving the first visitors some of whom joined the team for its 18:30 team prayers. We were really pleased to have Andy and Jane Economides with us for the evening and Andy was set to share about his charity: The Soteria Trust. Plus he wanted us to take a look at being called by God, commissioned by Him for the task at hand and sent out to do the work.

As worship began the church, which was nearly full, entered into the corporate worship with great gusto! TC pastor Rob Watson welcomed everyone to the meeting, which was a real reflection of unity as there were people from many local churches, different denominations and streams from across the conurbation. Rob's welcome was full of warmth and a prayer giving all the glory to God.

Lost and Found

Daniel Duffin Interview Button Image [120x120]

During the evening people were introduced to Daniel Duffin, who through a series of unfortunate life events had lost everything and found himself living on the streets. Daniel was interviewed by Revd. Peter Homden, whom he had met when he sought sanctuary in the grounds of the church where Peter is Associate Priest. Peter was able to introduce Daniel to Jesus, and Jesus changed Daniel's heart for good. One person summed up this moment afterwards when they said "when that young man Daniel was sharing his story I was so sad that he had lost everything, I could hardly hold the tears back; however I was so glad at what He had found, and Who it was who had found him!" Interestingly, 6 days after Daniel had turned his life over to Jesus, Peter brought him to his first filling station event when Gail Dixon: Missions Director at Nations Trust in Llanelli, Wales; spoke about 'unstopping the wells of former blessing'. At that meeting Daniel had gone forward for prayer - a new man, in new clothes and shoes, and with a newness in his heart because Jesus had swept in and he had been born again. It was this new man - the former street dweller, that gave testimony to God's goodness and overarching grace in his life that touched so many hearts.

Undeniable Grace


Indeed, it electrified peoples worship as they were led by the worship team into singing afterwards the song 'Good Good Father' written by Anthony Brown and Pat Garrett, which includes the lines "Love so undeniable I can hardly speak, peace so unexplainable I can hardly think, as You call me deeper still... into love, love, love." [1] Afterwards another song by Stuart Townend crystallised the grace of God into a veritable crescendo with the words "Your grace frees me from the past, it purges every sin, it purifies my heart, I receive Your grace!" [2]

Open Hearts, Willing Servants

When Andy Economides rose to speak he did so referencing the almighty work of God in this former street dweller's life but also that God had used a local pastor whose heart was open and willing to minister God's grace to him. He urged people to do likewise and share Jesus with people openly and naturally. "We are all able to do the work of an evangelist" he said. He also shared about his life beginning with Cyprus - the land of his birth, to the UK where he found faith - or more accurately: where Jesus found him! He shared too a little of the story of his calling into full time ministry as a pastoral evangelist in Chichester and how the Soteria Trust came into being. He said: "A missionary is not someone who goes oversees, but someone who sees and goes!"

Economides had a very warming character and spoke with great clarity and passion about sharing Jesus with people in day to day life. He read and shared from John 4:1-26 - the story of Jesus and the Samaritan women at the well, but he dwelt on certain verses particularly verse 10:

Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water."(John 4:10 NIV)

Refreshing Button Image [120x120]

He talked about so many people's thirst for truth today - a thirst that is going unquenched and un-refreshed as they do not find 'truth' in the internet of things! He spoke passionately about his love for people and his heartache at seeing injustice, hunger and poverty. He told of how he set up a school in Nigeria to help educate children who could never afford an education and how he has been able to arrange sponsorship for them to go through their schooling. He talked too of the college he has set up which continues the work of the school into teenage years and beyond. The work of the school and the college has educated thousands of children over the last 10 years and continues to do so.

As he brought his talk to a close he asked every person in the building to stand and make an informed decision to both follow Jesus and also to talk to others about Jesus. With everyone standing he prayed a prayer and then called forward the Prayer Ministry team whom he anointed with Olive Oil and blessed each one with God's Holy Spirit. Then he asked anyone who had a need, or felt 'called' by God or who wanted to receive prayer to make their way to the front so that the waiting Prayer Ministry team could pray with each of them and anoint them with oil if they wished. Two queues quickly formed in the aisles as people waited to receive a blessing. Called, commissioned and sent...

Andy Economides Books

Economides has written 5 books, four of which he brought with him and one of which called 'Truth', he encouraged people to buy to give to others. In fact the book sold out and 60 copies had to be ordered. Economides said afterwards:

"these books should be given away to people, the people that bought them should pray for opportunities to give them away and then to follow up that person a few weeks later and ask what they thought about the book - God works miracles and I hope He will use the book 'Truth' to refresh the soul of the reader - just like the water that Jesus talked about in John 4!"

Andy Selby

Lives Transformed & Renewed

After the meeting we caught up with Andy Selby and Brian Edgeley, two of the men behind Wessex Filling Station: "Andy Economides shared that the message of Jesus is clear: the Love of God is for everyone" said Andy. "God wants a relationship with us all and to that extent He chases after us, no matter what circumstance of life people find themselves in. We heard this tonight from Daniel - the man who lived on the streets testifying to encountering Jesus for the first time, and that through that encounter his life is now being transformed and renewed." He went on to say: "it's so exciting to know that we are loved so unconditionally by God."

Brian Edgeley Button Image

Edgeley, who led the worship team summed up the meeting by saying: "It was really great to be back at TC tonight, there was a wonderful feeling of warmth and unity in the place and the audience just wanted to sing - they were in fine fettle" he chuckled. "People really engaged with the worship which reached from hearts-to-heaven and visa-versa. It is just so wonderful when 'the church' comes together as one, in unity, and worships together. Something very special happens and God visits his people and the angels sing along!"



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Original Event Details for Posterity

Talking Jesus ~ Natural Evangelism

Andy Economides Button Image [250x250]

In the second of our 2017 ON THE ROAD series keynote speaker Andy Economides shares his heart for mission and ministry through words and deeds at Twynham Church in the beautiful coastal town of Christchurch.

Andy is founder and director of the Soteria Trust in Emsworth and is an international speaker who ministers extensively in Europe and Africa. He is an ordained minister in the Order of St. Leonard. He is also well known as the man who in 1976 led Canon J John to the Lord whilst studying together at Hendon College (now Middlesex University).

After a number of years working as a parish evangelist in Chichester, Hampshire; Andy founded the Soteria Trust which is a registered charity. The purpose of the trust is to inspire and empower people through words and deeds both here and abroad. It works with churches and organisations to help them develop an effective Good News strategy. <read more... >

Enabling & Mentoring

As a natural Evangelist Andy's work and passion is sharing the Good News of Jesus and bringing people to know and follow Christ. He is also a natural enabler; helping and mentoring pastors and evangelists in their own tasks of ministry. His friendly approach help equip and inspire Christians from all walks of life in effective leadership, giving them the ability to better reach out to others and to care for the poor and needy. His approach leads him to work alongside pastors and churches with the specific purpose to refresh, renew and bring freedom as he preaches and ministers.Book Cover True Relationships [small].jpg

Andy has authored 5 books including, 'True Relationships', 'Refreshed & Renewed' and 'You Can Fly' - which covers 26 subjects including Faith, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Relationships, Love and Marriage, and many more. His books can be purchased on Amazon or through the resources page of the Soteria Website.

Europe and Beyond

The Soteria ministry has expanded over the years and God has led Andy to minister in Africa, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Kenya, Poland, Nigeria and widely across the UK. His ministry is overseen by the council of the Soteria Trust and he is supported by the leaders of his home church, Immanuel Church Chichester.

Who is Andy Economides?

You can find more interesting facts about this events speaker in the article Who is Andy Economides?

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Worship Together

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As Wessex Filling Station gives the wider church across Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole the opportunity to come together for both worship and great teaching; we look forward to welcoming you there as you come and join us.

Worship will be led by the filling station worship team.

Date & Time:

26th October 2017 @ *7:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm
*Doors open at 7:00 pm with free refreshments | Doors close at 10:00 pm

Please Note:

Free Button Image 120x120 pixelsThis is a FREE event; NOT a ticketed event. Twynham church can seat up to 150 people with a small overflow. Free entry is on a first come first served basis.

This is a another great opportunity for the church to come together in unity.


Twynham Church *
99 Barrack Road
BH23 2AL

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