With the surprise news that Dr Brady was recuperating after an operation Acting Vice Principal (Community) Andy du Feu, who is also the Director of Youth and Community Work at Moorlands College came to speak.

After worship lead ably by lead worshipper Phil Smith (image below left) of St Saviour's Church (Colemore Road, Iford), Andy du Feu was introduced by Wessex Prayer Coordinator David Fry with Jacob Tyers, a Moorlands Student Ambassador who was attending the evening. After Jacob gave a word of testimony and read the biblical passage that Andy was going to speak from the evening really came alive.

Andy's preaching and teaching style is fast paced and energetic. He is used to speaking at big events both to young and those older - but young at heart - and last night he delivered! Great content, great stories, great teaching and a call to the church to Get Out There on the streets and minister to friends and family.

Andy referenced the pre-revival stirrings that are going on in Reading and other parts of the country, and posed a question "why not Bournemouth, why not Christchurch or Poole?" Interestingly the pastor at the centre of the Reading Revival - which has now attained the colloquial name - The Turning! Is booked to come and speak at Wessex Filling Station next September - yes a year away but he is much in demand having had over a 1000 invitations to speak in the last 8 months!

Worship Leader Phil SmithAt the end of Wessex Filling Station last night there was a wonderful sense of God's presence and as pianist Paul Tardif of Christchurch Baptist Church, gently played some inspirational music people responded for prayer. The final song of the evening was led once again by Phil Smith (pictured) and the Filling Station worship team was the inspiring old hymn bought up-to-date for the 2006 film of the same name: Amazing Grace!

Andy du Feu said afterwards:

"it was really great to be able to speak tonight even though it all came together over the last few days. I was able to pray with one person afterwards who committed their life to Jesus for the very first time having been brought by a friend to the meeting. I was also able to pray for others too - these are really great meetings and something that is great for the church to do!"

All-in-all it was a fantastic evening and a great encouragement to see the team working well together and people just wanting to stay and remain in the gentle and holy presence of God that was in the room.


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Original Evening Promo (for posterity)

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The first in the autumn series of ON THE ROAD meetings where Wessex Filling Station goes on the road to a different location for the next three months visiting its 3 respective coverage areas: Christchurch | Bournemouth | Poole.

Starting in Bournemouth our keynote speaker Dr. Steve Brady will be bringing the address at The Life Centre, home to Bournemouth Community Church.

From Liverpool to Dorset...

Steve is best known as a regular speaker at Christian conferences across the country. He is the present Principal of Moorlands College.

He was born in Liverpool where he later became a Christian during his teenage years. He is an ardent life-long supporter of Everton FC and is well known for his quips and stories during his preaching. His confident well founded preaching style plus his rounded Liverpudlian brogue, have made him a regular speaker at events all over the country and beyond. <read more: Who is Steve Brady?>

Steve will be speaking on the subject of 'A Faith Worth Sharing' and looking how the early Christian church went about sharing their faith with eager anticipation.

Date & Time:

Free button IconDate : 28th September 2017
Time : *7:30pm ~ **9:30pm

(*Doors Open : 7:00 pm with FREE refreshments | **Doors Close : 10:00 pm)

Venue Information:

The Venue will be The LIFE CENTRE, Moordown: home of Bournemouth Community Church. There is seating for 1000 people in the auditorium plus a cafe for refreshments. There is a small car park for disabled visitors. Please use street parking.


The Life Centre
711-715 Wimborne Rd

Venue Information Page:

There is a dedicated Venue(s) Page giving much more information on the Life Centre than is found here. Please click on the linked text or the Button image to right to jump to the venues page.

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