Rebekah Brettle

Rebekah Brettle

The Wessex Filling Station keynote speaker for July is GP Dr. Rebekah Brettle (now retired): Executive Director of Neighbourhood Prayer Network..

A Little About Rebekah:

Working as a locum for eight years in the North West of England and the Midlands, Rebekah saw many folk both in the surgery and as she travelled on home visits. One thing was clear, there were many lonely and hurting people who had no one to turn to and who called the surgery for help. Rebekah, the wife of evangelist Carl Brettle decided to do something about it. She set up the Neighbourhood Prayer Network, aimed at getting Christians to commit to pray for their neighbours, their road and their postcode area; truly being the salt and light of their neighbourhood. (Read More: Who Is Rebekah Brettle?)

At the official launch of Neighbourhood Prayer Network in 2012, it was said that the vision was to see every street in the UK covered in Christian prayer - with every Christian praying for their immediate neighbours, caring for them and sharing Jesus with them. To date there has been nearly 5000 people sign up their street or postcode towards this goal. She says:

"We live in times where with the click of a mouse, we can communicate half way around the world, and yet most of us do not know our neighbours living on our own street."


With almost 260,000 streets in the UK it is thought that there are estimated to be 1.7 million housebound people in the UK who rarely see a relative or friend. Loneliness is endemic with many of those 1.7 million people struggling alone with no one to turn too.

"We believe prayer combined with Christians following the teachings of Jesus and loving their immediate neighbours, could transform our nation and help end this epidemic of loneliness... statistically there are at least two Christians living on around 260,000 streets in the UK. Imagine what a difference we could all make if we simply took responsibility for praying for and caring for those living on our own street. Will you join us?

Towards HOPE 2018:

Roy CrowneNow in its 5th year, Neighbourhood Prayer Network has grown in statue and has partnered with a number of other charities including HOPE 2018. This is to initiate greater prayer across our towns and cities in the lead up to 2018. When he spoke at the Wessex Filling Station in April 2017, Hope's Executive Director: Roy Crowne, called 2017 - "the year of preparation through prayer". Rebekah agrees wholeheartedly and is endorsing both the 'Mile With Jesus' initiative and 'Friday Focus' hand-in-hand with Roy Crowne and the Hope Together team in Rugby.

Visionary | Author | Mother:

Neighbour Transform Your Street Book

Rebekah is the author of 'Neighbours, Transform Your Street' - which has been used by many as a handbook for prayer-walking their neighbourhoods - and also writes other resources for churches. She is also is Assistant Editor of Prayer Magazine.

Jonathan Oloyede, the founder of National Day of Prayer writes of Neighbours, Transform Your Street:

"I believe with all my heart that this grassroots prayer network in neighbourhoods, is part of the key catalysts to ignite the fires of revival and transformation that is about to erupt within the British Isles in our life times."

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Rebekah is married to Carl Brettle who leads an evangelism ministry and has one child called Reuben, who is a miracle prayer baby!

We look forward to all that she will bring to us on 27th July 2017!

Date & Time:

Free button IconDate : 27th July 2017 (always the last Thursday of each month!)
Time : *7:30pm ~ **9:30pm (*19:30 - **21:30 hours)
*Doors Open : 7:00pm / 1900hrs with Refreshments
**Doors Close : 10:00 pm

Please Note:

Free Button Image 120x120 pixelsThis is NOT a ticketed event. Free entry on a first come first served basis. The Village Hotel ‘Inspiration Suite’ Auditorium seats 200 with overflow for 50+ standing in the Inspiration Bar directly adjacent to the main suite. This is a another great opportunity for the church to come together in unity and lift high the name of Jesus.



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