Korean UK Prayer Mission [Review]

After a delayed start where the special celebration event struggled to get off the runway due to a myriad of technical issues, the evening eventually took off with host Brian Edgeley and Namjin Kim apologising for the delay and introducing the Korean Prayer Mission teams.

As we left the runway all the issues paled into insignificance as Worship Leader Phil Smith of St Saviour's Church led us in worship and at that point we started to fly. The gathered churches just wanted to sing and the sound produced as all voices - both Korean and English - were raised in harmony was tremendous. So many commented on it afterwards! Phil and the worship team were joined by Sonu Taekong, one of the Korean team and a worship leader in his home church of Daejeon SaeJunngAng Community Church in South Korea. Spending time with Sonu earlier in the evening Brian Edgeley, who is one of the filling station directors coached Sonu in the songs and they filmed a Facebook LIVE event to build up his confidence. Not that he really needed to as Sonu was a natural with a lovely pure voice. It really made the worship even more special when during the song '10,000 Reasons' by Matt Redman, Sonu started the song in Korean before leading the congregation in English; then later during a moment of intense worship Phil Smith handed over to Sonu who sang beautifully the second verse and chorus of 'The Splendour of the King (How Great is our God)' in Korean.

Andy Selby, another of the directors of the filling station admitted that he hadn't been in a good place earlier in the evening as they had battled to overcome all the PA issues being encountered but as they finally overcame and heard the sound produced by the worship team and the audience his heart lifted: "we were worshipping our God and there is a lightness in my spirit now", he smiled as he continued:

"A big THANK YOU to the PA and worship team for enduring and producing a wonderful sound that helped us all enter into the presence of God. Our God is a good God."

Two Nations ~ One Heart:

There were two Korean Prayer teams at the Celebration - Team Ringwood hosted by Poulner Baptist Chapel and Team Bournemouth attached to the Bournemouth Community Church. They joined together to encourage and serve us in love, humility and incredible passion for prayer. Their passion for prayer came as a bit of a shock to some - a surprise to others - as their prayer style is not the general reserved style that we are used too. Their natural way is to call loudly on the Lord with deep conviction and passion rising up from their inner being as they intercede for others. With 27 passionate Korean prayer warriors present their prayer were intense, heartfelt and zealous. However they stood with us: two nations - one heart!

Namjin Kim Shares:

Namjin Kim

During the evening we had two testimonies, one from Namjin Kim, the director of Prayer Mission Europe, who spoke of the 250 Korean pilgrims of prayers who had come to stand with the UK in prayer. Staying in host churches in 20 locations across the whole of the UK with 5 teams across the South coast and 3 locally in Hythe, Ringwood and Bournemouth. The other two South Coast teams were in Eastleigh and Portsmouth and Namjin said that this was a quarter of all his resources - why? Because God was doing something special on the South coast as He prepared to blow in His tsunami of blessing across the coast.

Afterwards before he and the team from GOOD TV Seoul left to pray throughout the night with the Ringwood Team he said:

"this was a tremendous evening, one of much blessing, of faith-building, of instilling a new passion in people for prayer and a new understanding that God hears and acts. I really believe that the passion the Korean church has for prayer is infectious and that God is raising up the faith level of the UK church to see that He is doing a new thing and is going to pour out His blessing once again on the UK and raise up a new generation of believers!"

Adam Skirton's Testimony:

The other testimony came from Pastor Adam Skirton of Poulner Baptist Chapel, who shared the wonderful work that had grown out of HOPE 2014 and the partnership of the past Korean Prayer Mission teams. Previous to 2014 the churches in Ringwood hadn't worked together but through HOPE the churches Together in Ringwood had become a reality and along with LEAF (www.leaforest.org), the local council and local businesses had put on the Family Fun Day in Ringwood. The impact on the community through these engagements has been changed the very community for local people and the surrounding areas of the New Forest as they work together on other projects such as The Big Clean for the Queen and Love Ringwood. These are awesome works for the glory of God. The Ringwood Family Fun Day is now a biannual event run by the churches.

Adam's testimony connected a lot of dots for the Bournemouth churches with HOPE 2018 on the horizon, and the blessings of the Korean pilgrims plus the connection with LEAF - the local Evangelical Alliance in the New Forest. Plus of course the local EA from Bournemouth and Poole - Baylink.

Church Leaders Prayer @ Wessex Filling Station Korean Prayer Mission Celebration

Prayer for local Leaders:

When it came to the time to pray for any church leaders present Hosts Brian Edgeley and Namjin Kim offered the opportunity to leaders from any church to come to the front and stand with Andy Driscoll, one of the leaders of Bournemouth Community church, who had his preachers Bible on the pulpit. As leaders from about 15 churches gathered around the pulpit which was moved into the centre stage; the Korean teams also gathered around them, laying hands on them and also raising their hands to the heavenlies in prayer. Before the Koreans pray they call upon the name of God loudly three times - in that moment it is as if they draw swords from scabbards ready to do heavenly battle. Then they all cried out together loudly in prayer interceding for those gathered around the pulpit and the open preachers bible.

And their four-fold prayer is amazing:

  1. They pray for the UK Church that it might grow and prosper and once again grow a generation of Christians on fire for God and with that same Victorian spirit of mission that the early missionaries had.
  2. They pray that God would bless Church leaders, their work and ministry; that they would prosper and be fruitful in ministry.
  3. They bless UK pulpits that God's Spirit of power and authority would flow out from the open gates of heaven, through the preached Word of God and through the mouths and lives of the preachers - to bless the hearers, the fellowships and congregations - and therefore the communities in which the churches are founded; and it would be like a mighty pent up flood from heaven.
  4. ...that revival would once again visit our land and church baptisteries would once again be regularly filled and used; that some of those new Christians baptised would be the missionaries of tomorrow who would take the gospel to the nations.

Many stayed after the evening had finished for personal prayer which lasted for an hour! It was wonderful to see God move and touch hearts at such a deep level. More Lord, more.

THe evening was a wonder time of fellwoship, praise and worship - and a gathering of the saints of Bopurnemouth Poole and Christchurch.

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Fanning Revival Into Flame ~ Special Event

Each year for the past 6 years teams of Korean pilgrims have been coming to the UK on a pilgrimage of prayer. This year there will be 250 pilgrims arriving in the last week of June specifically to pray for revival within the UK church and the areas that are hosting them.

This special evening of international celebration and prayer was initiated on Ascension Day 2017 to mark the beginning of 9 days of prayer hand-in-hand with the Archbishop of Canterbury's call for a global wave of prayer.

In the days after Pentecost we will see the first team of Korean pilgrim's of prayer arriving in the UK and we will have the joy of welcoming 12 Koreans to Bournemouth. They will be staying at The Life Centre, the home of Bournemouth Community Church.

There will actually be 5 teams staying for a week along the South Coast with churches hosting teams in Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Hardley on the Southampton Waterside. The reason they come is because they see the UK church as their mother church and God has called them to stand with us in prayer! <read more... a tie that binds>

Special Celebration Event:

What is the UK Prayer Mission Button Image [120x120]

Even though the Prayer Mission runs from 27th June through 3rd July: with prayers being lifted heavenward across the nation. There will be one major South Coast SPECIAL Celebration event!

On Thursday 29th June one of the LEAF New Forest teams, who are staying in Poulner Baptist Ringwood, will be joining with the Bournemouth team for a special evening of praise and worship at the Wessex Filling Station's: Korean Prayer Mission SPECIAL. The Ringwood and Bournemouth teams will comprise of around 26 pilgrims whose passion for prayer for the UK is a mark of their deep dedication to this country who sent the first missionaries to Korea in the 1800's. From the martyrdom of those missionaries whose story is fascinating and illuminating, the Christian church in Korea grew. Today the Presbyterian church from which the pilgrims come numbers over 10,000 strong. <read more... a tie that binds>

Calling all churches Intercessors and Prayer Teams:

The Life Centre in Winton is a 1000 seater complex and we hope that representatives from all churches, intercessory groups and prayer teams will come together on this evening to join with us as we celebrate our unity in Christ through international praise and worship, and call upon God for the spiritual revival of our land.

Namjin Kim returns:

Namjin Kim: Director of the UK Prayer Mission

In February 2017 one of the keynote speakers at Wessex Filling Station was Namjin Kim: Director of the UK Prayer Mission. Namjin seeks to match prospective Korean pilgrims of prayer with churches across the country. He will be returning to Bournemouth for this special event to share and interpret for others during this celebration.

We look forward to a fantastic evening of praise, worship and prayerful intersession with input from the two host churches, the Korean teams themselves and the Wessex Filling Station worship team.

Read the article 'Who is Namjin Kim' here: <who is Namjin Kim?>

We look forward to welcoming you there as you come and join us.

Date & Time:

  • Thursday 29th June 2017 @ 7:30 ~9:30pm
  • (Doors open at 7pm with free refresments)

Please Note:

Free Button Image 120x120 pixelsThis is a FREE event NOT a ticketed event. The LIFE CENTRE has ample space and can seat up to 1000 people so do not hesitate; put the date in your diary and bring your praying friends. Free entry on a first come first served basis.

This is a another great opportunity for the church to come together in unity.



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