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As the doors opened at 7:00 pm for refreshments it was great to see so many people drinking tea and coffee and meeting with others from different fellowships and churches. From across the South people seemed to have travelled with some coming from Salisbury and Eastleigh to hear keynote speaker Roy Crowne speak.

New Forest Gathering:

Earlier in the day, Roy had visited the New Forest with Wessex Director and LEAF Administrator, Brian Edgeley, to speak to church leaders gathered to hear about HOPE 2018 and what it could mean for them. They had a wonderful time sharing the vision and encouraging the leaders of the New Forest to work together for throughout 2018. Now in the evening it was Wessex Filling Station and the Village Hotel Inspiration Suite was buzzing with anticipation!

The Inspiration Suite!

With worship led by Chrissy Mason and the worship team the evening started to settle down and focus on celebrating together the Christian unity we share in music and song.

Each month Moorlands College support Wessex with a banner in the foyer and a couple of students chatting to people about what Moorlands College can offer to the wider churches of the area. Those students were introduced to the audience and a question was posed to the gathering; Howe many people present had had their lives touched by Moorlands College? Around 60% of audience put up a hand! Then Associate Lecturer, Colin Mitchell, who is also the Chair of BAYlink, shared with us from about GOfest.

Moorlands College and GOfest:

GOfest is a partnership of international mission organisations, working with local churches to bring a one-day, dynamic, mission-focused event to inspire involvement in mission - both locally, internationally and globally. GOfest is being held at Moorlands College on the 17th May 2017.

See | Feel | Do:

As Roy came to the lectern he began to bring a gentle and simple word that was powerful and dynamic. He used Mathew 9:35-38 to draw out some very simple truths of what Jesus has asked us to do.

"35And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction. 36When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; 38therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”

There where three points in Roy's speech:

  1. See What I See
  2. Feel what I Feel
  3. Do As I Do.

"See what I see":

Jesus encouraged His disciples to go out and do the things He had been doing - He wanted them to see people as He saw people, people who need to be loved and released from the strain of every day life. Jesus saw as His Fathers saw - people made in Their image yet separated from their creator because of the sin in the world. Trapped, misdirected, confused, hurt and oppressed, It broke Jesus heart and He wanted His disciples to see that too...

"Feel what I feel":

Jesus showed compassion to all people even those who persecuted Him; His Love and His compassion for them didn't change. Jesus showed love and compassion because His heart was bursting with love for those who were lost and hurting. Jesus wanted His disciples to 'see' and feel' as He did through the experience of going out on their own and doing what He did.

"Do as I do":

During Jesus ministry it is recorded that He travelled throughout Israel healing the sick and performing miracles in the towns and villages He came too. Jesus had did many wonderful things. He sought out the lost and shared the love of God with them. His words and actions pointed people to God. When He sent out His disciples to do likewise He did so because He wanted them to see what He saw, to feel what He had felt and to do the things that he had done.

As Roy shared His dream of HOPE 2018, he spoke of every church working with its neighbouring churches to reveal Jesus love to the communities they are founded in. He shared how HOPE 2018 was all about 'Words and Deeds and Actions'. Christians today being Christ-like and working together for the common good. Seeing as He saw, feeling as He would feel and then doing something about it - as Jesus would have done.

At the close of the meeting Roy asked people to respond by standing if they had been inspired to do something and didn't want to miss the opportunity to get involved. The majority of the audience stood!

Writing after the meeting, Wessex Filling Station Director Andy Selby penned:

"Are you ready and willing to be bold and strong and do the simple things in life. Show love in action through encouragement, action or word. To give a hug when you don't want to, to share your love even though you may get hurt, to forgive even though that really isn't what you want to do, or to give generously in love, without expectation or return. You are His letter for all to see. Be the salt and light in every circumstance... to be Jesus."

The Original Events Article:

The Wessex Filling Station Keynote Speaker for April 2017 is Roy Crowne.

Roy is HOPE Together's Executive Director and is a respected leader and evangelist whose vision for mission is simple yet far reaching. He simply wants people to get to know Jesus in a personal way through the local church; and the local church to become a thriving hub within the local community.

Roy Crowne Button Image

Born in the East End of London he experienced a rough upbringing which taught him to be streetwise and shrewd in life. He wasn't 'churched' as a youngster but came to faith aged 16 through someone sharing their own experience with him. In two weeks flat he devoured the Bible, reading it from cover to cover and then not really knowing what to do - he had an idea! He went to see the headmaster at his school and asked about saying something in a school assembly! However, the headmaster didn't like taking assemblies so he gave it back to Roy and told him to get on and do it!

After graduating from school he studied Engineering for 5 years and then moved to Christchurch Dorset to study at Moorlands College. These were seminal years for him as God started to reveal his future; firstly meeting Flossie who he would marry the year after he graduated from Moorlands!

Youth For Christ Logo

After a year leading a church in Borehamwood he joined Youth for Christ where he worked for the next 13 years. During these years he learned to work together with other national leaders seeing the potential of working together for the common good rather than seeing them as kingdom competitors. His close relationship with Mike Pilivachi and Andy Hawthorne, who were also working with Youth Missions at Soul Survivor and The Message Trust deepened and it was these three who over a drink dreamed of a UK where every church, and every Christian was involved with Mission.

Andy Hawthorne button Image [250x250]

Off the back of this conversation missions to Manchester and London were planned and the foundations for HOPE'08 grew. Since that first national mission in 2008 - which saw a whole year of mission nationwide; there has been a further year long mission in HOPE 2014. This later mission had such an impact on churches throughout the UK that it is still talked about. Especially here on the South coast where dozen of churches turned to working together for the good of their local communities through the Summer of mission - hand-in-hand with LEAF and Moorlands College - Roy's old college seat of learning!

Now Roy and the new team of HOPE in Rugby are planning the roll-out of HOPE 2018! This will be the biggest country-wide mission so far and a decade on from the original year long mission. Roy's says of this time:

"This initiative has the potential to be a catalyst, not just for one year. My dream would be that it sees a movement of word and deed evangelism which would transform lives, families and communities. Building on what has gone before, it seems as if the time is right and ripe for multiplication. Therefore, with faith, love and HOPE let's have the confidence and courage to go for it together"

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As Roy Crowne comes to us to inspire us into action he has also planned meetings with over a 100 church leaders from across the New Forest area and the conurbations of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole. In each location he will be speaking at a special leaders lunch. Here the Wessex Leaders Lunch will be hosted at St Mary's Ferndown The Beacon Centre please follow this link to read the article.

A Time of Growth and Networking between Churches

The HOPE 2018 Initiative is going to be a time of growth and networking between churches, church leaders and their congregations as they turn to each other in support and mission so that they can work together for the good of their local communities.

This in not one to miss!

Date & Time:

  • Thursday Evening 27th April 2017
  • 7:30pm ~ 9:30pm
  • (Doors Open) 7:00pm / 1900hrs with Refreshments
  • Doors Close: 10:00pm

Cost Free Event:

Free Events Button Image

This is NOT a ticketed event. Free entry on a first come first served basis. The Village Hotel ‘Inspiration Suite’ Auditorium seats 200 with overflow for 50+ standing in the Inspiration Bar directly adjacent to the main suite. This is a another great opportunity for the church to come together in unity and lift high the name of Jesus.



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