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Coming to a Church Near you!

Our 2019 autumn series of meetings we are again taking Wessex Filling Station ON THE ROAD (OTR) and partnering with 3 local churches across the Christchurch | Bournemouth and Poole conurbations - each of those 3 churches were involved with the 2019 TURNING Mission.

Heart - One Heart [120x120]We will once again encourage churches to come together in unity from across the area in these three venues, as we are led by three worship leaders, and hear from three different conference class keynote speakers!

All with ONE HEART for UNITY!

September | October | November

OTR-1 ~ 26th September 2019

~ On The Road with Paul Garratt!

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For our first meeting we are partnering with pastor Peter Southcombe of Immanuel Church Southbourne. Peter has supported Wessex since our very first meeting and invited us to go to Immanuel after last years first OTR meeting at Lansdowne church when baptist vice president Yinka Oyekan spoke about the Turning! Now a year on we will meet together at Immanuel Church and author Paul Garratt will be our speaker.

Paul, a church planter, previously worked on the pastoral team with Yinka at Reading Community Church, and loves to plan and encourage community activities. He now works as the Business Development and Grants Manager of Cinnamon Network. Cinnamon make it as easy as possible for local churches to set up sustainable social action projects, find funding, and get the right support and training to make a positive impact in their community. Paul last spoke at Wessex in July 2018. You can see the video here:


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Immanuel Church Southbourne
120 Southbourne Road

OTR-2 ~ 24th October 2019

~ On The Road with Red. Dr. David Hilborn!

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For our second meeting we are partnering with Andy Driscoll: Community Engagement and Discipleship Pastor at Bournemouth Community Church (BCC). BCC has been exceptionally supportive of the role we play in encouraging local unity across the area and this will be our third meeting at The Life Centre. BCC was also the Central hub for the Bournemouth are during the recent TURNING mission; and Andy Driscoll took over as main spokesperson in the planning and roll out of the mission playing a key role in gathering the local churches around them.

Our keynote speaker will be Revd. Dr. David Hilborn: Principal of Moorlands College. This is David's first opportunity to speak at Wessex Filling Station since taking over the principal's role from Steve Brady, who highly recommended us to invite David to speak after his final farewell event at DISCOVER.church last November. David was invited very shortly after that. We are thrilled to have partnered with him, Colin Bennett, and Moorlands College to plan and roll out the June TURNING mission. Moorlands trains hundreds of men and women each year whose aim is to grow closer to God and to study His Word. Many go on to a fruitful ministry globally. David is passionate about biblical preaching so we look forward to a real blessing as he takes to the stage in BCC's 1000 seater auditorium.


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Bournemouth Community Church
Life Centre
711-715 Wimborne Road
BH9 2AU7

OTR-3 ~ 28th November 2019

~ On The Road with Gerald Coates!

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Our third meeting is in partnership with Revd. Dave Sharpe at Christchurch Christian Centre, where Gerald Coates: founder of the Pioneer Network of churches will be our keynote speaker. The Christian Centre, an Elim church, is at the heart of Christchurch and became the second of the two main hub churches during the recent TURNING mission. The church's role was paramount to the unity shown throughout the mission in Christchurch. The church was also filled each day with people learning, praying for the mission, and going out on the streets talking to people about Jesus.

Gerald Coates has played a crucial role in the growth of the church over the last 5 decades. He has been called 'a pastor, a pioneer and a provocateur' by Ralph Turner who penned his autobiography in 2015. His bold prophetic ministry challenged the established church to think again in many areas of life and ministry which inevitably changed the landscape of Christianity in the UK and beyond. He is an ordinary man who God chose to use in an extraordinary manner. From humble beginnings he became a pioneer whose feet have been firmly rooted in Christ. His prophetic insight, not always accepted, and many times challenged, has been a breath of fresh air to the church throughout the 70's, 80's, 90's and noughties; and inspired a whole new stream of churches. Today the Pioneer Network of churches is committed to connecting, inspiring and equipping churches in the UK and across the world.

Gerald, author 10 books, is now the team leader at Pioneer Engage, in Leatherhead, Surrey. We look forward to welcoming Gerald to Wessex Filling Station in the heart of Christchurch, and expect all 300 seats at the Christian Centre to be filled.

Evening Venue:

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Christchurch Christian Centre
Millhams Street
BH23 1DN