Technical Challenge

Turbosound INSPIRE IP2000

It was excellent today to be able to meet up for the first time with Technical Manager Fergus Muckersie, Video Manager Alan Mason, and SuBD Team Leader Derek Upshall to check out the new systems.

Meeting once again at Iford Baptist church who have opened their doors to the vision of Wessex Filling Station ( for which we are grateful) we set up the new TurboSound INSPIRE IP2000 Speaker Array and switched it on! Pairing the speakers via Bluetooth we checked out the audio output simply via Bluetoothing an Android phone to it and playing some music which was superb!

Then we set-up the two new Soundcraft Ui16 Digital Mixers in the rack and fired it all up - this time hard wiring the elements together. Accessing the GUI (General User Interface) from the two new Android 10.6" Tablets Fergus and Andy Selby were able to play with the system.

In the mean time Bassist Steve Selby set up his guitar, Brian Edgeley his Washburn and Alan Mason set up his video cameras and computer to find out if everything worked and we had the cabling we needed!

After an hour of playing, singing and worshipping together we packed it all away in its boxes and stored it away until the first music practice of the worship team next Saturday!

All-in-all, a very satifying morning with great sound content and a steep learning curve for Fergus!