Who is Tim Miller?

Tim Miller Teaching Zambia Button Image [200x200]Tim is presently the teaching pastor at Bournemouth Community Church, and a part time student in Theology. He loves Scripture and loves teaching people its truths.

Passion for the Gospel.

Born into a Christian family in rural Somerset the young man grew to know God through an attractive family devotional life and a great Sunday School! If you were to ask him personally today he would say, "I was born a Christian", however scriptural the answer he grew to have that deep awareness of the presence of God in his life - and it is something that has always been there!

With his mother a music teacher he also grew to love music and showed a keen interest in the subject throughout his school days. This would also mark his future as over the years he has been involved with several bands and simply loved going out gigging! His father also made his mark on his life as he was a Probation Officer and always kept a watchful eye on people and what was going on. This can be seen nowadays in Tim's watchful pastoral oversight through his teaching ministry and his care for others and the move of the Spirit.

Nexus Academy Coventry:

Tim Miller Nexus Academy Button ImageFollowing school, he spent a year at the newly formed Nexus Academy of Music Ministry in Coventry. Nexus is a music and discipleship academy, that has established a reputation of providing an excellent education designed from the ground up to meet a variety of training needs for Christian musicians and technicians. All their courses focus their study on popular music but teach that alongside Christian theology and education of Christian worship. 1 Tim spent a year in Coventry which was all that was offered at that time (not like the 3 year degree courses they offer now!)

It was a year of immense growth both musically, and spiritually, for the young student, and this led to a deeper appreciation of God's Word. Plus it gave him a growing thirst for sharing God's Word with others and for teaching both Word and music.

Homeward Bound:

After graduation he returned home to Somerset and began working as a music teacher in schools across the South of the county. He married this with teaching a youth bible class at his home church however he soon realised that he was out of his depth for biblical knowledge and started to think about Bible college or uni to increase his understanding of the scriptures. As he was working he considered part time study but eventually decided that immersing himself in full time study and being part of a college student community was the best way forward for him. This led him to Moorlands College in Christchurch.

Moorlands Pre-2018 logo

Christchurch Bound:

The arrival of the new level one student at Moorlands with his unknown future stretching out before him left Tim wondering what stream he should actually major in. In the end he decided to go for cross-cultural studies as he had a love for the subject - not that he had any plans to up sticks and travel abroad. However those 3 years at Moorlands gave him such a desire for biblical knowledge that when he graduated he enrolled in the London School of Theology for their Master of Arts in Biblical Interpretation program. At the same time he was offered a position on the staff at Bournemouth Community church working part-time as their assistant youth worker.

Where Next in Your Kingdom Lord?

Tim Miller Waterfall Button Image [120x120]

Whilst back in his Moorlands days Tim had no plans for going abroad, he did have the opportunity to go on two short term missions to Zambia, which opened his eyes to see the spiritual climate and need in the nation. After 7 years working at the community church during which time he did several roles and was also ordained as a Pastor within the church, he felt that God was calling him to experience more. As he sought God's direction he thought of the parable of the talents and reflected that it is not how much you have, it's what you do with it that matters. This led him to consider that with his abilities and his love for teaching the Word of God - who could benefit most from hearing the teaching? And where in God's kingdom where the people most needing to be taught from the Bible?

Zambia: Copperbelt Province

Tim Miller Zambian Bridge Button Image [120x120]This led Tim back to his memories of his trips to Zambia and the needs of the church there. In 2014, he moved to Mpongwe, a town in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia's mineral rich Copper-belt. Mpongwe was the capital of the Mpongwe District in the Provence but this didn't take away the fact that it was a rural village which proved to be challenging for Tim as he tried to settle down to Zambian life where he was the only white person. However over time he made friends and developed a deep love for the people and country. His role was training pastors across the country and after just a few months he moved from this rural location to near Ndola where he began working with the Kaniki Bible University.

Stepping into Kaniki Uni.:

Kaniki Logo

Kaniki Bible University was originally established as a college in 1983 by Danish missionaries with the vision of raising up an army of prophets for the kingdom of God across Zambia and its borders. Over the years, it has trained hundreds of men and women of God, who are now serving the Lord all over Zambia and beyond in Africa, Europe, Canada, and America. In 2011, Kaniki Bible College was upgraded by the Zambia Ministry of Education to a University Status. It was into this University that Tim Miller stepped as teacher and lecturer. In time he became the deputy principal of the University. 2

Tim Miller Baptising Button Image [120x120]Students came from all over Zambia and neighbouring countries to train for between 2 and 4 years in theology and applied leadership. His time at Kaniki taught him so much as he was stretched in his ability and his reliance on God deepened. His eyes were also opened to the deep spiritual warfare that raged in the heavenlies across Zambia. It also gave him a keen insight to his prayer life, prayer warfare and the need to walk closely with the Lord at all times.

The Return - Strengthened and Envisioned:

In late 2017 Tim returned to Bournemouth on a trip home where he visited his old church in Moordown. It was a fine reunion and the leadership asked him if he would consider coming back to Bournemouth to strengthen the leadership team again. After returning to Kaniki he sought God for the path his life should take and in February of 2018 he returned again to the UK to take up the post of teaching pastor at Bournemouth Community Church.

Tim Miller @ Bournemouth Community Church

He also enrolled in another course to further his doctrinal studies in Theology.

Such is his love for God's Word. 3


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