Who is: Sim Dendy?

Sim-Dendy-Relaxed-Button-Image-[250x250].pngSim Dendy is the senior leader of Freedom Church, Romsey. He is part of the leadership team at Spring Harvest who have joint responsibility for the formulation of the annual conferences theme, teaching material and spiritual oversight. His passion is to see churches going to the next level and making a real difference in their communities.

A Seventies Child!

Sim was a child of the Seventies and born in Ely, Cambridgeshire where his father was a church pastor. With both his mother and father deeply committed to the Lord and the local church, Sim and his 5 siblings all regularly attended Sunday School and grew in faith and stature through his early years. It was on his 4th birthday that the young Sim asked his mother to pray with his to become a Christian. At that young age he was concerned that he would forget the date in time so giving his heart to Jesus on his birthday would be unforgettable!

"My parents were both Christians, I am one of 6 children and we all went to church every week. I am now [in my forties] and all my siblings and all their children - some 32 of us in total - all still attend church, which is exceptional."

Strive and Serve:

When Sim was 11 his father took a new pastorate at a church in Maidstone and the family packed their things and moved to a new home with new schools and new adventures. Sim attended Senacre High School for a couple of years and then when he was 13 year old he moved to the Oakwood Park Grammar School (formerly Maidstone School for Boys) with its Moto 'Strive and Serve'. Strangely these are things that Sim appears to have maintained throughout his life - striving after a deeper life with God and serving His people as he is able. It was also the time aged just 13, that he first felt the inner leading, or 'call', into full time ministry one day.

Children Worldwide

Graduating in 1992 Sim was the only one of his friends that didn't go off to study at University, instead he went to work for a year with a Christian organisation called 'Children Worldwide' - a not for profit members organisation which exists to support and encourage excellence in children’s work! There he was employed as a schools worker doing school assemblies, Christian festivals and summer camps all round the UK which included volunteering at Spring Harvest. This was all a foretaste of what was to come.

Sim and Lottie DendyIn 1993, aged just 19, he decided to continue his work as a Schools worker but this time working for Shepway Free Church in Maidstone where he spent the next 3 years. He continued to volunteer each Easter at Spring Harvest and found this was something he simply loved doing. It was during this period of time that he met Lottie whom he married in 1996.


Sim and Lottie moved to Littlehampton, West Sussex and set up their home whilst Sim continued volunteering and working part time for their local church - Arun Church in Littlehampton. He also worked for West Sussex County Council as a retained Fire and Rescue Manager which helped bring in the funds he needed to pay the bills! As time passed Lottie gave birth to their first child and Sim decided that he needed to get a full time job. However, this was not his calling or passion and after just 3 years he moved back into church leadership by taking a full time position in the leadership team at Arun Church where he happily spent the next 5 years.

West Sussex to Hampshire:

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In 2007, Sim took a post on the leadership team at New Community Church Southampton. This was a terrific time of growth for the church who had 3 local sites throughout the Southampton conurbation. They were also in association with Oasis Learning tendering bids to set up two new secondary schools in the proximity: Oasis Lordshill and Mayfield Academies. Under the leadership of Billy and Caroline Kennedy, who had been at New Community Church since 2002, the church had become a real community of people spread right across Southampton and which was touching the lives of everyday people in the community. It was seeing spectacular growth and becoming a true network of churches. It was into this vibrant community orientated network of Christian leadership that Sim entered - and prospered in. Sim worked in Central Hall which had been the churches main location but as the church grew the city-centre Central Hall location changed its role within the community becoming 'an incubator for other Christian organisations and a home for everyone in the local community'. 1

Whilst he was working at Southampton Sim enrolled in the Masters Degree course at Moorlands College, Sopley, which he successfully completed in 2012.

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In 2013 Sim joined the leadership team at Freedom Church, Romsey as their senior leader. The church met every Sunday morning in the Main Hall at The Romsey School. This church was another vibrant expression of Christianity which was - and still is - impacting their local community for good. The church has helped set up and run the local Foodbank and also a CAP Debt Centre.

Spring Harvest:

Throughout his years in leadership Sim has continued to volunteer at the annual Spring Harvest conferences when he got the chance; and in 2016 he was asked to go onto the Spring Harvest planning group. This leadership team meets about 8 times a year to oversees the conferences and set the annual focus, theme and teaching plan for the the upcoming years.Spring Harvest 2018 He has also become one of the conference speakers for Spring Harvest and in 2017 was part of the Spring Harvest national tour. He is one of the main stage speakers for the 2018 | ONLY THE BRAVE conference and appears on their website and in their marketing brochures.

Wessex Filling Station:

Sim Dendy is set to speak at Wessex Filling Station in January 2018 on HOPE ~ for the hopeless!



1: see http://www.newcommunity.org.uk/about-us/our-history-the-2000s