Brian Edgeley Brian Edgeley is one of the Directors of Wessex Filling Station and a regional HOPE Practitioner for Roy Crowne's HOPE Together.

He is also the Director of ICT Media Tech | Print, an online eCommerce print-house dedicated to making printing easier for churches, charities, businesses and individuals. It is available 24/7 365.

Brian was born in Upminster, Essex and was taken to Sunday School each weekend by a family friend with their children. He became a Christian at an early age and took to the guitar like a fish-to-water aged 11 at a Crusaders Summer Camp in Swanage. He acutely remembers sitting crossed-legged on the grass in the sunshine with the guitar upon his lap dedicating his life to the Lord.

Toolmaker at Heart!

After completing a 3 year apprenticeship with FORD where he trained as a Toolmaker, Brian decided to see more of life, so purchased a rucksack and tent, gave up his job, and spent the next 2 years abroad hitchhiking.

Another Highway Another Day!

During this time travelling abroad he met so many people who were willing to help, give him lifts and befriend him. Even those who had virtually nothing, but were willing to offer food on the plate and a bed for the night!

He purchased a Spanish guitar in Valencia, the home of Spanish guitars, and could often be found singing for his tea in many a foreign restaurant. He also had two incredibly powerful encounters with the Lord! Once on a cliff top in Portugal, and the other hilltop in Andorra la Vella, both opened his eyes to God's glory - and His hand and call upon his life.

Ministry back Home

Don Double with Yinka Oyekan

On returning to the UK he became involved with the Good News Crusade (GNC), the ministry of Cornish Evangelist Don Double, and led worship all over the country with a group called 'Living Proof'. He also worked with several GNC evangelists including Yan Hadley (New Life Ministry Trust) , Yinka Oyekan (The Gate Reading / The TURNING) and Dr. Peter Gammons (Peter Gammons Ministries International) . He also had the opportunity to travel abroad leading worship and speaking at various events.

Fan Into Flame Ministries:

It was during this busy period of his life that Brian worked as an Field Service Engineer for various white goods firms by day as he continued leading worship and writing songs under the umbrella of 'Fan Into Flame Ministries' which he founded in 1990.

Moorlands College Old logo He also studied computer tech before moving to Dorset in 1997 to study as a mature student at Moorlands College Christchurch campus.

Moorlands College:

Chosen as the college Worship Leader he led worship at the Moorlands 50th Jubilee celebrations and the inauguration of Dr. Steve Brady as College Principal. During Easter 1999 Brian led worship at Spring Harvest with Doug and Sue Barnett and a small worship team from Moorlands.

Hope Fm button imageAfter graduating Brian was invited to work as Coordinator at HOPE FM, Bournemouth's Community Christian Radio Station and helped build up the studio during a crucial period of the stations history. He presented many shows including the Saturday Morning MAD, a youth magazine show; The Lunchtime Byte with Jonathan Chadd; and M:Brace, a Sunday evening after church show. He could often be found talking about the need for the church to come together in unity and worship. He was also on the team who began planning for Soul Survivor Bournemouth in 2005 although this never came to fruition.

ICT Management (Aerospace):

From 2003 until late 2012 he was the ICT Manager for Kemfast Aerospace Limited which had 50 employees when he began there, and over 500 globally when he left. The company is now consumed within Haas Group International Inc. Brian had many experiences within the management structures and got to travel quite a bit as new offices were set up across the globe.


LEAF Logo [sm-transparent] - THe Local Evangelical Alliance in the New Forest,At the end of 2012 Brian stepped down from his his ICT Aerospace Management job and whilst setting up ICT Media Tech, joined the Local Evangelical Alliance in the New Forest (LEAF) as Technical Manager of Forest Fire 2012. Not long after this he was asked if he would be their part time as the Administrator. He relished this role and encouraged both LEAF and the churches throughout the New Forest to step out of their comfort zones in prayer and outreach through both HOPE 2014 and HOPE 2018, and the introduction of the Korean Prayer Warriors to the area. Brian stepped down from this part time role in November 2018

ICT Media Tech | Print:


Today, Brian works for himself as an ICT professional and runs ICT Media Tech | Print. Building upon his 10 years experience in ICT Management, and with a wealth of experience in design, technology, and marketing, he approached one of Europe's largest print houses who he had used to print so much of his previous companies artwork and design; to see if some agreement could be made to work together to produce great printing at great prices 24/7.

ICT Media Print is a One-Stop | Online- Print shop with easy access to over 5,000 products! He even offers a charity discount to churches and charities.

Wessex Filling Station:

Wessex-Filling-Station-Logo-2018-[small].pngBrian had been talking to various people for over a decade about setting up a regular unity celebration event in the Christchurch | Bournemouth conurbation before it became reality. Those conversations started with the planning for Soul Survivor Bournemouth - which never happened, but his friendship with neighbour Andy Selby - who was on that early planning team, has meant that they have spent many hours talking about the possibilities, pros and cons of such a united event. Wessex Filling Station is the outcome.


Brian's heart is to encourage and bless.

  • Encourage: the church in it's unity, encourage church leaders in their ministries and encourage Christian's in their personal Christian commitment and walk with the Lord.
  • To Bless: to be a blessing to the churches so that they may also be empowered and released to be a blessing to the communities within which they are founded. To bless the church, charities, businesses and individuals through high quality design and printing services to aid them in their work, social and personal lives. And to bless the Lord for all He has done for him as an individual.