Andy Selby Andy Selby is one of the founders and Directors of Wessex Filling Station.

Andy was born along with his twin brother in 1963 in the beautiful area of Southbourne. One of five children, he was educated at St Katherine’s School and then Beaufort Secondary School which is now closed.

His parents attended the local Church and from the age of 7 he was encouraged to join the choir. Andy sang with the choir throughout his formative years and at the age of 14 he was confirmed at Winchester Cathedral. However, even though the confirmation was physical it didn't reach down to heart level and he looks back upon that time as one without faith!

After School Andy trained as a motor vehicle engineer and covered all areas of the motor industry in his studies. During this time at the Bournemouth and Poole College he met his future wife Kay one lunchtime at the local pub. In 1984 they married and started their new adventure together. Andy is proud to be married to Kay and has been blessed to be the proud father to their three children, all whom have grown up and doing their own things.

Life on the whole has been good but as with all life experiences not without its tough times. One year was particularly tough when Andy’s Father died, their middle child was then born and then his mother-in- law passed away, all within 3 months. This was an extremely difficult time, but one which began the journey to true faith.

In 1997 a new neighbour moved in across the road to where they lived and their children became very friendly. This new couple offered to take their children to Sunday School at Twynham Chapel and Andy and Kay agreed.

The neighbour was a 'bit in your face', which Andy was very wary off. However he was kind and shared that he used to lead the occasional 'All Age Family Service' which Andy’s children enjoyed.

One day he invited Andy's children to take part, 'up front', which consequently led to an invitation to the service. Andy was very reluctant, but accepted the invitation to go along and support the kids as they performed. To Andy’s dismay this new neighbour picked on Andy to be involved during one of the songs. Andy realised he had to demonstrate the actions to a new song and if that wasn’t bad enough he got Andy to stand up on a chair for all to see. How embarrassing!

However, Andy like a good egg stood on his chair and showed everyone the actions! Not the thing anyone would want to do on their first visit to church in 15 years. That experience did mean that everyone knew who Andy was and they made him and his family very welcome! ... Even if it was a talking point for years! Sometime later Kay persuaded Andy to go on an Alpha Course and on 30th October 1999 at a United Service in Christchurch Priory led in worship by his next-door neighbour, Andy responded to the call and in faith received and accepted Jesus, the Son of God into his heart.

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Andy and Kay were baptised together on the 28th February 2000. Since then Andy has been involved with church as a worship leader and Elder. Andy believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and has a passion for seeing healing come to people in body, mind and spirit. He also has a passion for seeing the body of Christ united with one voice and believes God will move in power when the church stand together in unity.

Andy, and the not-so-new neighbour across the road, have ended up as great friends. Together they believe that now is the time to step out and create a platform through which the local churches of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole can regularly come together, celebrating in praise and worship in one voice the living God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And where new church relationships can be enabled, fostered and grown.

Wessex Filling Station is the result of that vision.