Great Teaching Every Meeting

great teaching every meeting

One of the great things about regular great teaching is the teacher!

Here at Wessex Filling Station we take this seriously and in foresight have booked a plethora of great speakers to come and encourage the Christian Community across Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole over the coming years!

We are also keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes on the spiritual horizon to see who God is using in our nation at this time to bless and inspire the church; then we will invite them to come to the Wessex Filling Station so that the churches may be uplifted.

So who is on the horizon...

Local, National & International Speakers

Revd. Dr Steve Brady

Sim Dendy (Freedom Church Romsey | Spring Harvest), Carl Brettle (Evangelist, CEO & Editor of Prayer Magazine), Colin Bennett (Vice-Principal of Development: Moorlands College and Director of Training for the Community and Family Studies), Richard Sanderson (Missions Director: New Hope for Children, Columbia), James Nikols (The Filling Station Trust), Simon Guillebaud (GLO: Great Lakes Outreach),Yinka Oyekan (Reading Revival | The Gate Reading | THE TURNING), Roy Crowne (HOPE Together | HOPE 2018), Dr. Steve Brady (Principal: Moorlands College | Spring Harvest), Malcolm Duncan (EA | Spring Harvest | Gold Hills Baptist), Namjin Kim (Korean Prayer Mission Europe) and the visiting Korean Prayer Mission teams...

Hope this whet’s your appetite ...